After setting up your event, you are now eager to sell tickets. You are wondering if there is a way for one person to buy multiple tickets in one go for a group of people in their organisation - maybe you would like to offer a discount to people buying more than one ticket.

Quick start

We do not have a ticket feature on HeySummit that allows one person to sign up multiple people in bulk at checkout, but here are a few workarounds for groups that you can consider.

  1. Go through registration multiple times for each attendee. One user could go through registration for an event and buy a new ticket each time for each attendee.

  2. The user opens an Incognito window. 
  3. The user heads to the event registration page and registers as one attendee, securing a ticket.
  4. The users closes the original Incognito window (this is important so they are logged out and multiple tickets are not assigned to one attendee record) and then complete the registration process as another attendee.
  5. Make sure a different email address is used for each attendee.

Now multiple attendee records with their own email addresses each have their own tickets for the event. This would not allow for the bulk-buy discount, but would allow one person to purchase multiple tickets quickly.

Create a 'group' ticket

  1. Log in as the Event Organiser, head to Revenue > Tickets and set up a new ticket with the permission you would like and call it something like 'Group Ticket for 4 people', or however many you would like. If you are planning on discounting for a bulk purchase, you could reflect this in the price.
  2. Set the description to something like "Buy this ticket to invite 3 others to join this event, then get in touch at [your email address] to share their names and email addresses to complete their sign up"
  3. Once they get in touch via email, you can get back to them either with a 100% off coupon code you have set up for the rest of the group, so they can in turn go through registration and secure their ticket. Or, alternatively, you could import them into the event yourself.

If you are using coupon codes for this purpose, it is a good idea to create a new coupon with a different code for each group purchase, setting a limit on the number available to match the size of the group.