You've heard of Remo - it was built to help virtual summit event creators have an immersive online video networking experience right from their Chrome browser, and you want to use it for your event. You've come to the right place!

HeySummit now has full integration with Remo! Here's how to set yours up.

Quick start

How to manage hosts and connect Remo with HeySummit from HeySummit on Vimeo.

So there are two things you need to set up before you start:
  • A HeySummit account with an event that you've already created
  • A Remo account

  1. To set the Remo account up, press the pink R on the top left corner of your Remo site, then click on Settings and go into Third-party Integration and generate an API token key.
  2. Copy this key and return to HeySummit.
  3. Head to Event Setup and then select Webinar Hosts.
  4. Click on Add Host.

  5. After filling in the details and adding a host, hit Save and then click on Connect Webinar Provider.
  6. Select Remo as your webinar provider.
  7. Paste the API key that you copied earlier, and hit Save.

  8. Now, head to Content > Talks > Add talk.
  9. Click on Live Webinar and select the host that you created earlier.
  10. Fill up the rest fo the talk details and remember to click Save.

  11. After a few seconds, your talk should be ready (usually preceded by a green check).
  12. If you go back to your Remo dashboard and refresh it, your HeySummit event should now appear under Upcoming Events.
  13. When the talk goes live, the link from Step 13 will appear on your summits public talk page and redirect them to the Remo page so they can watch it from there (no registration required!)
You're all set!

You're planning on using the same Remo room for other sessions.

Although Remo doesn't have a Webinar ID to enter under our Live Sessions to use a previously created room, you can still use our Custom Stream option.

Copy-paste the link to your Remo session under our Custom Stream> Custom URL option and you'll be all set. Do note that using the custom URL option means registrations to your talk won't get passed onto Remo so make sure to check the signup settings for your session in Remo.


Note that attendee emails (e.g. Daily Digest, schedule, reminder and replay emails) never include the exposed links to webinars or livestreams for privacy reasons. The emails will only include the link to the HeySummit talk page where they will be redirected to the appropriate platform after clicking the "Watch now" button found there (if logged in with the correct ticket). 

The only time your sessions are embedded into the HeySummit page is when you're using our Pre-recorded option or our Custom Stream option with one of our supported live streaming providers (Vimeo or Youtube).

Pro tip: regenerating Remo webinars wipes floor plan settings and other customizations made on the Remo end.