You would like to know what options HeySummit offers that can make your events more engaging and enriching for attendees and speakers alike.

Quick start

Two options: the chat within your live webinar platform and the chat on your HeySummit talk page.

For the latter, we offer the built-in HeySummit chat, which is fairly simple with 'speaker' and 'attendee' labelled - simply direct attendees and speakers to type their comments or questions in the chatbox on the talk page itself.

If you want more of a threaded chat, you can sub in Disqus or Facebook Comments on your HeySummit talk page.
It's best to think of HeySummit as handling all the wrap-around management of an online conference - the attendee management, tickets, schedules, giveaways, landing page, asset creation, speaker and affiliate management and analytics. You may also choose to add networking events to your schedule to encourage engagement with HeySummit +; use HeySummit + Zoom Webinar + Slido; host breakfast meets or launch parties; invite attendees/ speakers to join a community like your Facebook Group, Slack workspace or MightyNetworks.