Sometimes, people buy tickets to events and realise, for a variety of reasons, that they've changed their minds.

Quick start

If you're processing your payments through our HeySummit Stripe (the default), then follow these steps. If not and you're using your own custom Stripe account, the payments have been made directly to you and you can refund the attendees yourself from your own Stripe account. If you're using our HeySummit Stripe account and the payout (to you, as the event organiser) has not been made, you can refund the attendee through your event dashboard. 
  1. Head to Revenue > Ticket Sales
  2. Type the attendee name or email address into the search bar
  3. Click on the three dots (...) next to the attendee record
  4. Click Refund Purchase
  5. Take a look at the details and click Save
  6. You can notify your attendee it's been handled, and we'll take it from here and process the refund on our end ASAP

However, if the payout has been made (and you can check this by looking for a Payout Report), we no longer have your funds in escrow and fees have been taken from all the parties- we cannot reverse them.

This means you will need to refund attendees manually using either your bank or Stripe.

Please note, refunding an attendee does not remove their access. If you'd like to remove their access, head to Activity & Reporting > Attendees > ... > Delete.