While creating your event, you would like to know how to add speakers. Then you can schedule sessions that they are holding and show them on your event site.

Quick Start

  1. Head to Content > Speakers.
  2. Click on Add Speaker.
  3. Make sure you fill in at least the First Name and Email fields as these are mandatory. The other fields, including setting up a talk for the Speaker, are optional. Speaker details can be edited later under Content > Speakers > ... Manage Speaker (bio, website, social links, etc.). Talks can be added later under Content > Talks.
  4. Press Save.

Ready to allow Speakers access to their dashboard where they can make edits to their information themselves? More information can be found in this help document on setting up Speaker access.

For the Speaker to appear on your public event site, they will have to have the Active? box checked in Content > Speakers > ... > Manage Speaker. They will also have to be linked to an active talk.