You want to import attendees - maybe you have an external registration page, or you did some good old-fashioned offline networking. Good news! Please note: If your account is still in the trial period, you will not have the option to Import Attendees. You will be required to upgrade your account off the trial period before seeing the option to Import Attendees.

Video Walkthrough


Quick start

  1. Click on Activity & Reporting > Attendees.

  2. Click on Import.

  3. Upload a .CSV file of the attendees you'd like to import. Click on the hyperlinked .CSV template (see screenshot below) to get a blank document you can add your attendees' names and email addresses to.

  4. Select the ticket you want these attendees to have. You want to ensure you only import attendees with the same ticket permissions in a single import session because you can only assign one type of ticket at a time, i.e., you should import Tier 1 ticket holders separately from Tier 2 ticket holders.

  5. You can also select the talks you want to be added to the personal schedules of the attendees. This is optional. If you select a restricted talk by the ticket you're assigning to them, they won't get access to this talk. 

  6. You can also optionally link these attendees to an affiliate. This will mean that they'll be added to that affiliate's sign-up list after you successfully import.

  7. Lastly, don't forget to confirm that all attendees have both opted in to receive marketing materials/ email alerts AND accepted your T&Cs/ privacy policies.

When you click Save, a message will appear showing you that the import has started and how many lines it contains. These attendees will start to appear under Activity and Reporting > Attendees as they are added to the event.

Please note, imports can take up to 15 minutes to finish.

Checking the progress of your imports

You can check on your imports under Activity and Reporting > Import Logs. In this area, you will see records of each time you have imported a group of attendees.

Using the three dots (...), you can explore each import individually. In the import below, you can see that 2 attendees were not imported because their details were not in the right format. Failed imports will always appear first:

Final thoughts

Imported attendees will automatically receive the 'You're in' email on the same day to notify them they've been registered. This email says hello, includes a link to the event, gives them a chance to amend their schedule. This is the only email we send to confirm registration to imported attendees, so make sure it's Active if you want them to know. 

What will happen if I import an attendee that already has a ticket to give them another? They'll have both tickets, stacked, after the import is successful.

Wondering how imported attendees can log in? The same way other attendees can - read more about how attendees login.

Having issues? 

Here are some things to check if you're having issues importing attendees:

  • Ensure your .CSV file doesn't contain special characters (hyperlinked emails) and has the correct column headers as seen in the template or issues uploading the file.
  • Your registrations might not be open. Head to Event Setup > Settings > Event Basics > Event open for registrations? Make sure this is checked. You can turn it back off again right after you're done importing.
  • It could be that some of the attendees in your CSV have already been registered for your event. Check if they have an existing record with an incomplete purchase (e.g., Status being 'Checkout - Selected Content'). If they do, you can head to Activity & Reporting > Attendees to delete their record, then try again.