You like working with Prezi making awesome presentations. You already know the platform, and your team is also familiar with it. You can use our Direct Link integration to embed your Prezi presentation within HeySummit. Note: this can only be done as a Pre-Recorded session, not a Live session.

Quick Start

  1. Pre-record your Prezi presentation. 
  2. On your recorded presentation in Prezi, you can either click on the Gear or (...) > Share..

  3. Click the </>.
  4. Copy The Embed Code.

  5. On HeySummit, head to Content > Talks.

  6. On the right-hand side of the session you want to connect, click the ... menu icon to display the available actions you can perform. Click on the Video Settings link.

  7. Select Pre-Recorded.

  8. Add your embed ID under your Pre-recorded field.
  9. Click Save, and you're all set!