You want to invite people to apply to speak at your summit. Rather than only reaching out to those in your network, this expands your invitation to anyone who knows anything about your sector/industry and feels they have something to contribute.

It's a fantastic way to get speakers who'll add great value to your summit that you'd otherwise never have known about.

Great news - with HeySummit, all your potential speaker has to do is to submit a form on your summit's landing page! Then they sit back while you review their proposal.

Quick start

  1. Head to Event Setup > Settings > Event Basics.
  2. Click on Update and ensure that Allow Talk Submissions is ticked.
  3. Hit Save.
  4. A new link now will appear on the footer of your summit page, Submit a Talk for Consideration.

  5. Users will be redirected to a page where can fill the form and propose a talk.

  6. As the event organizer, you will receive an email once the new proposal has been submitted.
  7. You can view all submissions by heading to Content > Talk Submissions.

  8. Here, you'll be able to edit, approve or delete, and if approved, a new talk and speaker will automatically created.

Looking to customize the speaker submission form? This page doesn't have a built-in editing option like the landing page, but you can change the text of the page from our Translations Menu.

You can find this in the Dashboard by going to Content > Translations. From here click the drop-down menu at the top of the page and select Talk Submit Suggestions.
You'll see a list of all the text from the Talk Submission page, and the option to enter replacement text to the right. You can also remove any text by entering a space in the field on the right (don't forget to click Save after each edit).