You've chosen to use a pre-recorded talk for your summit or are trying to set up a replay, but somehow your video isn't showing up when you preview your summit page. To make sure you've got the right Video ID/ URL entered into HeySummit, here are some tips.

Quick start

If using one of our specific streaming providers with their logo listed (such as YouTube Live or Vimeo Live) make sure you enter the video ID, not the full URL. 

Here are some common options for video hosting platforms and where to find the Video ID for each:

  1. Hippo Video
  2. YouTube
  3. Vimeo (See related article "You want to use Vimeo with HeySummit")

However, if you are using the 'Custom URL' option, then you can enter the full URL of the stream or external URL you want to send your attendees to for this talk, e.g. for WebinarJam, Zoom Meetings, Airmeet.

Top tip: Use the Preview Public Page option to double check you have the right video settings entered.