To test your Pre-recorded session, head to Content> Talks> Preview Public Page


You chose to record your session and upload them as pre-recorded. How can you test if the embed code is entered correctly? Or if you entered the correct ID for your video provider? No problem! Check these steps below.

Quick Start

  1. In your Event Organiser account, navigate to Content> Talks.
  2. If your talk is all set up, you should see the option to Preview Public Page.

  3. If you still have to add some information to your session, you can find this option by clicking on the ... next to your talk.

    3. After clicking on Preview Public Page, you will see your talk on preview mode.

    4. Click on View Post, to see your session as your attendees would when the session goes "live."

    That's it - your session should play for you. Please note, as an Event Organiser you will see the play and pause option but your video will auto-play for your attendees.
    Also, this test only works on pre-recorded sessions since live sessions haven't occurred yet, you will only get a message saying "Your video it's on its way."