After signing up to our Business/Success Plan, you would like to know how to use HeySummit API.

Quick Start

To get started, you’ll need your API key. You can find this by navigating to the API settings page (Event setup -> API settings).



Important notes to help you on your API Journey:

  • Different accounts, even within the same event group, will have different API keys in their portal. You must use the API key linked to the Event Organiser account where the event lives. This is because events and their associated API key are tied to the Event Organiser’s account. Team member accounts will have different API keys which will not work for your event.

  • Please note that the Event ID that you see on the left side of our API settings page is not for use with our API. This key is meant to be used when filtering Zaps in our Zapier integration. To find the HeySummit IDs for all of your events, you may consider doing a GET request for all events.


Ready to start? Click to access the API documents here.