Your custom registration questions are not showing up when creating a Zap.

Quick Start

  1. Create a new Zap
  2. Ensure the app selected is HeySummit BETA
  3. Use the trigger New Attendee
  4. In the section called Find Data select Find and Review. It should then show a list of attendees.
  5. Click the dropdown next to each attendee and select the one with the data you want to be sent to your Zap
  6. If none of those attendees has the custom questions, click Get More Samples
  7. Go to your event and do a Registration with the custom questions answered
  8. If you have completed all of the above and still cannot see the custom questions, don't hesitate to contact us
Please note that if you set up your Zap with custom questions, we recommend not changing them. If you need to change your custom questions, we recommend immediately going to Zapier and updating the Zap with the latest information.