You have set up your sessions, attached your speakers and connected to your host's webinar account. Now you need to change the host that is connected to a particular session. 

Quick fix

To change a host connected to a talk, just follow these simple steps-

  1. Head to Event Setup > Webinar Hosts, where you will see the host accounts that you have set up with the webinar provider accounts attached to them. If you want to add a new host account, you can find out how in this article.
  2. Attach the new host to the existing sessions/talks, then wait for them to regenerate - this shouldn't take long.
  3. If you are planning on removing a host account completely, you can delete them once they have been replaced and are no longer connected to any sessions. You can do this by clicking the three dots (...) on their record under Event Setup > Webinar Hosts:

Your session host should now have been changed.