As an event organiser, you may be selling speaking slots to sponsors, who want to lead source from attendees that view their sessions. Just because an event is virtual doesn't mean you should lose sponsors or not provide them with the same value as you would at an in-person event.

Quick start

Our event organisers use a variety of different methods to do so, including:
  1. Adding a dedicated sponsors page to your header links- you could also highlight which sponsor sponsored which talk on your dedicated talk pages.
  2. Using the baked in viral incentives like giveaways.
  3. Using a live webinar integration that enables a call to action from attendees.
  4. Exporting attendee lists to sponsors or offering to send dedicated mailshots to the audience on behalf of paying speakers.
  5. Using Vectera links on speaker pages to allow sponsors to schedule 1:1 meetings with attendees using Markdown in the Speaker bio or session description.
  6. Adding media, assets and landing page links to speaker or talk pages using Markdown.