The basics of what HeyConnect is and why it makes integrating a webinar platform with HeySummit possible without any coding

About HeySummit

HeySummit is a virtual event and marketing platform that provides landing pages, marketing tools, and attendee, speaker, and schedule management for businesses running large-scale online events. HeySummit's hosts over 5,000 events and serves over 2.5m attendees a year. Our customers use HeySummit in conjunction with webinar, video, and networking platforms to bring their events together.

Introducing HeySummit


HeySummit & Integrations

Our customer-base are tech-savvy and love novel experiences for their customers, especially  where running webinars and video conferencing are concerned. We take a collaborative approach to integrations that includes direct links via our API’s or our close partners API’s. Currently, we have direct API integrations with platforms like Zoom, BigMarker, Remo, Live Webinar and Go to Webinar but we'd like to facilitate customer choice and increase our direct integration partnerships.


HeyConnect: Configure-Test-GoLive

We are investing in ways to simplify the process for new integrations, and HeyConnect provides the documentation and tools needed for anyone with an understanding of basic API terminology to configure the conversion of HeySummit’s call to action via our internal web hooks service into the language of any other webinar or networking platforms API call. This will allow any partner or 3rd party technical team to create an integration between HeySummit and any webinar platform without the need for the heavy lifting of direct coding. There are three simple steps: Configure-Test-Go Live.


HeyConnect: How it works


HeyConnect Videos



We're working with key partners to ensure the HeyConnect service suits our joint needs. At this time we especially welcome any webinar or video networking-related products to get in touch with us.


Interested in working with us?

Whether you're an established product or working on a side-project, if you'd like to reach our audience of thousands of event organizers, and connect with HeySummit, we'd love to hear from you.