You would like to add a slideshow to your session.

Quick Start

While HeySummit doesn't support direct integration with PowerPoint, there are several ways to add PowerPoint or other presentations to your event.

The easiest way to share a presentation during a live session is by using the screen-share feature of whichever webinar provider you choose. Zoom, LiveWebinar, BigMarker, and GoToWebinar allow presenters to share their screens.

This is a simple way to share presentations or any other content that doesn't require integration with the platform. Screen-sharing also doesn't require uploading the presentation or giving anyone access to the presentation file.

In addition to screen sharing, BigMarker also gives presenters the option to upload a presentation (in PDF, Powerpoint, or Word format). This allows presenters to control the presentation using BigMarker's interface instead of opening another window and sharing the screen.

LiveWebinar also has its own built-in presentation mode that allows you to upload a presentation file and access it through the LiveWebinar.

Be sure to check out your webinar/livestream platform of choice to see if they have similar.