You've created your talk, updated the content, and would like to use YouTube or Vimeo as your streaming platform.

Note that you don't have to set up a Host and connect this to a Webinar Provider under Event Setup to use a Custom Stream option.

Quick Start

Vimeo Live

  1. Navigate to your Talks.
  2. Click on the ... next to the talk you'd like to edit.
  3. Select Video Settings and click on Custom Stream.
  4. Navigate to Vimeo and click on Create a live event.

    Update: Make sure you select a recurring stream even if you won't be using it more than once. Here's more information about the difference between recurring and one-off events.

  5. Now head to Vimeo and grab the video ID, i.e. the numbers at the end of the link. In the example below, this is 1678662.

  6. Paste this into the Video ID field in HeySummit then click Save

If you see an 'Album has been deleted' message when previewing your live stream, make sure you change the settings to a 'recurring' event instead of 'one-off.'

Vimeo live chat

If you'd like to use Vimeo's live chat, make sure you've enabled it when creating your live event and you should see the chat below the talk description.

YouTube live

  1. Go to your YouTube account and start your Webcam stream.

2. Once you've added your stream information, make sure you copy the stream's ID.

3. Add your stream's ID under your Video Settings and make sure you select the Auto-embed Stream Chat to embed YouTube's live chat.


To use Vimeo or Youtube LiveChat, make sure Comments are enabled for your event in Event Setup > Settings > Talk & Replay Experience.


4. Once you're ready to broadcast, click GO LIVE.