You've heard of Teamflow - a virtual office platform where teams can work, meet and hang out together. It combines video, open spaces, meeting rooms, and tools. Now you want to bring that to your HeySummit event. We've got you covered.

Quick Start

  1. Schedule your session on HeySummit by adding the basics under Content > Talks > Add Talk.
  2. Once that's created, click on the three dots (...) next to your session record under Content > Talks and then Video Settings.

  3. Select Custom Stream.

  4. Head to Teamflow to get your join link by logging in and clicking on the Invite button in the top right corner of the room you want people to join. You can use the link in the 'Invite via link' field.

  5. We'll only need the end of this link that's bolded in the example. E.g., for, we'd use heysummit/example-meeting-room-34023470381-54a94a0f383c on HeySummit.
  6. Select the Teamflow icon on HeySummit and paste this into the Custom Stream ID (or URL) field.

  7. Press Save

Things to note to make things go smoothly:

Check the attendee flow
  • Your attendees won't be auto-registered for your session. This means Teamflow might ask them for their details before joining the session. 
Share the link with your Speakers
  • Before the session starts, make sure you send a join link to your Speakers.
Check-in early!
  • If you'd like a quick mic and camera check before the session starts, make sure you and your Speakers join before the session starts so that you have time to do this.