First impressions are important, so we wanted to make sure that Event Organizers have the creative freedom to customize the layout and design of their event for that lasting impression.

Quick start

More of a visual learner? Check out our video:


We currently offer the ability to add and remove content blocks to your landing page, so you can customize what content your attendees are seeing. We’ve created some customizable block components that we’re pretty excited about (such as Speaker Info Blocks or Testimonials), but you can also insert text, image, video and even your own custom HTML blocks.

These edits can be made by navigating to your landing page while logged in and clicking on Edit Page in the bottom left corner. Check out our help doc on formatting your components for more info.

Please note that we don't offer technical support for issues that may arise when using Custom HTML code. Ensure that you understand what the code does before entering it and test it appropriately.


To start, head over to Event Setup > Settings > Branding & Content on your event settings dashboard. 


Want to make sure your color is on brand? Check out this help doc.


This is the place where you can also add your strapline and any social hashtags. Make sure you check how your strapline fits within the auto-generated banners for your event. Longer straplines might be cut off within the image.


Want to update your branding materials? Your favicon, logos and social media OG images can be added here. You can find out more about the best size and resolution for your logos in this article.


If you are handy with CSS, you can customize even further using our custom CSS box which can be found in the branding section (Event setup > Settings > Branding & Content)

Please note that we don't offer technical support for issues that may arise using Custom CSS code.

Promo Banner

You can set-up a promo banner to be visible at the top of your summit landing page by heading to Event Setup > Settings > Promo Banner. Use this to promote your ticket page, a donation link, or an external page (like your website).


Check out our handy help doc on on changing copy in various areas of your public event site. More of a visual learner? Check out our video on Translations below: 

Previewing your changes

You can view the changes that you've made to your public-facing pages by following the instructions in our article on how to preview your event here!