You have read through our Email Templates under Event Setup that are autogenerated and automatically send out to Speakers, Attendees, or Team Members at certain points of your event. You would like to contact your attendees, but there isn't an existing template that fits your needs and you are now wondering how to achieve this. 

If you are on the Success/Business plan you can do just that with the steps below. 

Quick Start

  1. Head to Emails > Email Templates and click on the Manage Templates button under One-off Emails.

  2. Click on (...) > + Add Email Template and add your Subject line then hit Save.

  3. Once this had been created, you can edit the copy by clicking on the three dots (...) for more options.

  4. To edit the copy of the email click Customise.

  5. To select who the email is sent to click Target.

  6. Input details and click save.
  7. To send the email immediately, (..) > Send Email. Note that it is not possible to schedule when this email is sent.