Before you start adding images, you would like to know: what size should they be?

Quick start

  • We suggest you compress images, keeping them at 96 ppi and make them as small as will work for your needs to optimise page load times

  • To help them look their best, minimise any white space in images

  • For images which are not specified below, we encourage you to play around with the size so that they appear as you want within our platform's native layout. Generally speaking, we suggest 500x500 px for square images and 500x146 px for rectangle images.

    Do note, image sizes cannot exceed 10MB.

Event Logo/Event Logo (white)

Where these are added: Event Setup > Settings > Branding & Content

Where these are seen: Event site header, emails, promotion materials

Size suggested: 1024x1035 pixels. It is most important that the width be 1024px. If you want the logo to be a little more rectangular, you can increase the height in intervals of 45px. However, we encourage users to stick as close to a square design as many areas of the site are optimized for this.


Landing page:

Email template:


Where these are added: Event Setup > Settings > Branding & Content

Where these are seen: Browser tabs

Size suggested: 96x96 px


Speaker Images

Where these are added: Can be added when creating a new speaker in Content > Speakers. To update an existing speaker, select the three dots on the right of the record and select "edit record".

Where these are seen: Speaker pages, speaker component, speaker list, session pages, category pages, emails, promo materials

Size suggested: 500x500p


Custom promotional images

Where these are added: 

  • Event wide, Primary Promo Image: Event Setup > Settings > Branding & Content
  • Global Speaker/Talk Promo Image: Event Setup > Settings > Branding & Content
  • Speaker specific: Content > Speakers > Additional Info (note: this can only be added to existing speakers)
  • Session/Talk specific: Content > Talks > Advanced Settings (note: this can only be added to existing sessions)

Where these are seen: Custom promotional images appear as previews on certain social media platforms when sharing event links, for example Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can customise promotional images so that they are individual for each session and speaker, or you can create a more generic one to cover both groups. Speaker promo images will also be available for your speakers to share if you have them access their speaker dashboard.

Size suggested: 1200x628 px. Please note, we use Facebook's size specifications for custom promotional images.




I changed the size of the image I uploaded and nothing happened.

In some areas of the site, we code in sizes that are optimised for the layout. In these cases, you would need to use custom CSS to override the sizes (which can be entered under Event Setup > Settings > Branding & Content > Custom CSS).

For example, if you want to make the logo that appears in the top left of your public event site bigger, you could do this with custom CSS. Another example of where you might do this is on the Speaker page where we display categories:

Both the speaker's image and category icon sizes can be changed using custom CSS.

We cannot provide technical support for custom CSS in either providing code or troubleshooting code you've written, so make sure you only go this route if you know what you are doing. 

Please note: we encourage users to use either entirely custom category icons or pick them entirely from our built-in library. This is to ensure the sizes match. Should you decide to mix and match (as in the example above), you would need to use custom CSS to manually override the icon sizes.