While creating your summit, you would like to show that your talks are going to be in different languages. You would like to reflect this on your landing pages.

Quick start

  1. We have two ways to translate your event: Globally and Locally.
  2. Click on Content > Translations, you can manually translate the content of your public summit site (locally).

  3. If you want to change the language of your entire event (globally), go to Event Setup > Settings.
  4. Under Localisation, click on Update and select a Language.

  5. If you do not see your language, you can apply to join our community of translators and help us create a Global Database. Please contact us at and we'll do the rest.

Note: Our global translation feature is made possible by our voluntary Community Translators. We label languages available to select under Event Setup > Settings > Localisation as 'Pending' when we have not yet confirmed that all of the fields available have been translated. So, if you choose to enable a language that is 'pending', there may be gaps in the copy that have no yet been translated and are still in English.

However, you'll be able to edit these yourself if you find such an instance, using the steps above to translate locally.