You would like to set up an offer to incentivise your audience and give them that extra encouragement to register for your summit.

Quick start

  1. If you would like to provide exclusive offers (separate from any offers made available by your speakers) to attendees, head to Content > Offers and Giveaways > Add Offer or Giveaway.
  2. Select Offer as the Perk type.
  3. Hit Save when you're done.
  4. Do note that speaker-specific offers should be added to their talk record.
  5. You can also restrict access to offers and giveaways to specific tickets by choosing under the 'Restrict to Tickets?' drop-down menu. This is helpful if you might want to create a discount offer but only make it available to those that have purchased the VIP ticket.

Learn more about where Offers and Giveaways appear in your event.