Maybe your event includes a promotional ticket that's only available for a limited time. Once the promotion is over, you'd like to remove the ticket from the registration page, but allow the attendees who purchased it to keep their access.

Quick start

You can control when a ticket is available or hidden by setting the active dates in your ticket settings.

  1. In your dashboard navigate to the ticket page (Revenue > Tickets) and click Edit Record next to the ticket you'd like to hide.  
  2. At the bottom of the ticket settings you'll see an option to set the "Active from" and "Active to" dates.  When a ticket is active it is visible on your event's Tickets page and available for purchase.

  3. Select Date range from the "Active" drop down menu
  4. Enter the dates for which you'd like the ticket to be available. To hide the ticket immediately, simple set both Active to and Active from to past dates. 

Keep in mind that these settings don't affect attendee access, so an attendee who purchases a ticket can continue to access the event after the ticket is no longer available.