When you are setting up your sessions on one of HeySummit's native integrations, we generate links for your speakers to join the session. Very occasionally, these links don't generate quickly. Here we give you some important steps to resolving this issue.

Quick Fix

There's usually one big reason for a failure to create speaker URLs - when the Speaker is also the Host.

If this is the case, it's best to change the email address associated with the Speaker or Host in order to complete the URL generation. However, if the Speaker and Host are the same then the speaker URL may be unnecessary as your Host will also be starting the session from their webinar account - so they'll already be there!

If you are experiencing this issue but the above does not apply to you, please write to us at 

If you want to change which Host is connected to a session, read this help doc - it has some important points to ensure a smooth switch over.