You've chosen to use a pre-recorded talk for your summit, using your own link under HTML5 Video, or are using this for a replay. You've uploaded the link to your video, but when you preview your page in Post mode, the video won't play.

Quick start

  1. Check the link that you've entered in the box 'Pre-recorded video ID (or URL).'
  2. For the HTML5 Video option, HeySummit requires a direct .mp4 file, so the URL should end with .mp4. Meaning, if your URL contains anything after the .mp4, it will not play on HeySummit.
  3. A common error is to upload a shareable link from Google Drive or DropBox (where you've uploaded the video) or a link to a recording on Zoom. This won't work. Instead, consider uploading your video to one of the video hosting platforms we list under Video Settings > Pre-recorded, or under Replay Details.