While creating your event, you would like to upload a media file securely to a talk, so that your talk's attendees have access to it. This could be a photo, audio, video, or a handout up to 10MB.

Quick start

  1. Go to Content > Talks
  2. Click on '...' next to the talk you'd like to add a file to
  3. Click on Manage Talk and go to Media
  4. Upload your file and name it
  5. When you Preview, make sure you select Preview Page rather than Preview event on the top of the page, as the media file only becomes visible to your attendees once your talk goes live.

PLEASE NOTE: Any media files that you add only show up on talk pages that have embeddable video sources. This means they appear on pre-recorded sessions and Replay pages of any talks that were hosted live. 

This media file only shows on the session page and not the Speaker page. Only attendees with a ticket that allows access to that talk will be able to view the file. This file will also be available when the session is in Replay mode (if the attendee has the appropriate ticket).