Your summit has started and you realise that you have forgotten to upload a talk. 

Quick start

Ideally, you want to enter the video ID/URLs for your live or pre-recorded talks before they are meant to go live (ongoing).

If a talk goes live before it has anything set up in its Video Settings, you would get the Replay Details option automatically, as you can't modify the video Settings for a talk that is live.

Once a talk goes live once, it can't be live again- it will remain a replay.

If you would like to add more content to your summit as it goes on, you must add a whole new talk.

Do make sure you create the talk and add the video ID/URL quite a bit before the talk is slated to go live.

  1. To add a new talk, go to Content > Talks.
  2. Click on + Add Talk
  3. Fill in the information for the talk
Even if a talk is ongoing, you can still add additional content, just make sure you enter your video ID/ URL before the talk is meant to go live, not during or after. The Video Settings option will disappear only after a talk has started, and will not reappear.