You have received some brilliant feedback from your summit and you would like to share this with the rest of the world on your summit site. 

Quick start 

  1. Head to Promoting > Testimonials and click on + Add Testimonials
  2. To complete the testimonial, you will need a photo, a name, the person’s title and their quote
  3. Save

  4. After you have added the testimonial, navigate to your Landing Page and click on Edit Page
  5. Scroll down and use the Pre-Built testimonial component. Click on Add your first testimonial. 

    Based on the number of testimonials that you add, the component will act like a carousel, cycling through all of the different testimonials. Please note you will need more than 2 testimonials to make this work (otherwise, the component would be static).

    Top Tip: There is no limit to how many testimonials you can add. Please note that any changes you make in the backend to the testimonials would take about 15 minutes to be reflected on the frontend.