You want to create an external landing page for your attendees to register but watch the talks on the HeySummit platform. Great news - you can import attendees automatically!

Quick start

If you are using an external form and want to bounce people into HeySummit with pre-filled information, then as long as your external form pushes your customer to your HeySummit pages with this ending,


Then it will pre-fill that information.

Alternatively, if you are making an HTML form, you can set:
  • The method to GET
  • The action to your event URL
  • Call the fields name and email

Here are a few ways you may want to do this:
  1. Use ThriveCart as your landing page and have it connect to HeySummit. 
  2. Build a landing page, and import the data into HeySummit manually using a formatted. CSV. To do this, go to Activity & Reporting and select Import Attendees. You will want to format your. CSV according to the .CSV Template.
  3. When importing, it's important to note that you must only import a list of attendees that purchased the same ticket. When you import, we ask which ticket you are assigning them, and you can only choose one.