As an organiser, you can add multiple event-level giveaways. You can choose between:
  1. Having one winner per giveaway, so for example, 5 giveaways = 5 winners, or
  2. Having it bundled so all giveaways end with only one winner (or whatever quantity you choose), so 5 giveaways = 1 winner.
Giveaways can either be provided by some (or all) of your speakers; or alternatively on an event-wide basis (i.e. unrelated to the speakers).

Quick start

  1. To set up a giveaway for a talk, head into your event dashboard and click the Content menu.
  2. Select Offers and Giveaway.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Tick the Bundle all giveaways into one? checkbox.
  5. You can add the number of winners you want to have in the box under the option Qty bundles available?
  6. So for example, if you have 5 giveaways and want 2 winners to come out of that, you write 2.