As an organiser, you can add multiple event-level giveaways. You can choose between:
  1. Having one winner per giveaway, so for example, 5 giveaways = 5 winners, or
  2. Having it bundled so all giveaways end with only one winner (or whatever quantity you choose), so 5 giveaways = 1 winner.
Giveaways can either be provided by some (or all) of your speakers; or alternatively on an event-wide basis (i.e. unrelated to the speakers).

Quick start

  1. To set up a giveaway for a talk, head into your event dashboard and click the Content menu.
  2. Select Offers and Giveaways.
  3. Click + Add Offer or Giveaway.
  4. Include all of the details. 
  5. Back on the Offers and Giveaways page, click (...) and settings.
  6. Here you can select the Bundle options.