You've got coupons set up for your speakers/ attendees to use, but you're wondering if there's a way to restrict the number of coupons that can be claimed- after all, discounts are great, but you really just want them to be available to a select few.

Quick start

  1. Go to Dashboard > Revenue > Coupons and select Add Coupon.

  2. Set the limit to however many coupons you want to be able to give out on Number of Coupons Available.
  3. For example, to provide a coupon for a speaker's personal use, set the limit to 1, and manually send the coupon code to the speaker.
  4. If you are only providing personal-use coupons for speakers, do not tick the box to Show to Speakers- this will make the coupon code public to all speakers.
  5. If you are creating one coupon for all the speakers' personal use (for example, you have 5 speakers and you set the Number of Coupons Available to 5, the coupon code can only be used 5 times. So, you've got to ensure each speaker only uses their coupon code once.
  6. Do take note that if one speaker shares the coupon code with a friend and both the speaker and their friend use the coupon code, there will only be 3 coupon codes left for the remaining 4 speakers to use.