You want to get your hands on a list of the sessions you have scheduled on a HeySummit event, with their title, speakers, categories, date, start times, end times, duration, video settings status, webinar links, replay settings status, number of registrations and VIP or featured status. 

Quick Start

  1. Log into your event dashboard and then head to Content > Talks.
  2. Click on the blue Export button at the top of the session list. A message should appear telling you that the request was successfully logged.
  3. Head to your email inbox (the address you used to log into HeySummit) and click on the download link.

You're all set.

If the session was a webinar or livestream and it's now over, you'll see 'Add replay' under the status column. Note that if your content was pre-recorded, the video information automatically copies over to the replay settings in our backend, so you won't have to configure this, even though it doesn't show under the Replay Video ID/URL column in the export.