You want to send your audience to another page to download a workbook or a report. Adding these links is easy using Markdown language. Markdown language is a simple plain text formatting syntax you can insert into your text and provide more value to your audience. It allows you to insert links and images, and format text. Basically, you can jazz up your text by:
  • creating bullet lists,
  • making fonts bold and...

formatting headers.

Quick start

To insert an active link, type the text that will be linked inside two brackets [ ]. Then, type the destination URL inside two parentheses ( ).
Your text will look like this when you're typing it up: Before attending the summit, [click here]( to download your workbook. 
Your text will appear like this to attendees: Before attending the summit, click here to download your workbook. 
For more tips and tricks, this handy cheat sheet covers all the basics of using Markdown.

Here are other places we support Markdown.

  • Talk description

  • Talk giveaway

  • Talk offer

  • Speaker expert credentials

  • Event Legal & GDPR


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