You've used Vidalytics and love the platform for its conversion tooling, but now you want to integrate with HeySummit. If you're planning on serving pre-recorded content, or are setting up Replays, then read on.

Quick start

Setting up a pre-recorded session.

  1. Head to Content > Talk.
  2. In the new window, click the Add Talk button located at the top right of the screen.
  3. On the next screen, you have 4 options for broadcasting the talk. When using Vidalytics, select the Pre-Recorded option.

  4. In a separate tab, open your Vidalytics account and find the video you want to connect.

  5. Once it is loaded, click the Embed/Share button on the top right. Clicking this will open a dialogue window with a code box. This box has the embed code, but also a section that contains the user ID and video ID which we need. You will need to scroll down until you find the section that looks something like:

    (window, document, 'Vidalytics', 'vidalytics_embed_5GEbl1EKyjMzXJIT', '')

  6. At the end of the URL in that section of the code, you will find your user ID and the video ID. This is the section we've bolded in the example above. We have underlined the important sections in the screenshot below.

  7. Copy the last two sections of the URL and paste them into the Pre-recorded video ID box as shown below:

Setting up a Replay

Note that Pre-recorded sessions will have their Replay automatically configured with the same video details. If you want to update Replay settings to insert a different video:

  1. Head to Content > Talks.
  2. Click on Replay Details (this will only appear once your live talk started at it's scheduled time).
  3. Follow the steps above to find your user ID and video ID.
  4. Don't forget to click Save, then preview your public page to check that the video is correct (view in Replay mode to see the video).
You're all set!