You've got an account with some pretty great email providers - ActiveCampaign and MailChimp come to mind. You want to know if HeySummit supports integration with them so that you can export your attendee list.

Quick start

  1. HeySummit doesn't provide a direct integration (yet), though we hope to in the future.
  2. However, you may choose to export your attendee details at any time in case you want to import them into an external tool such as an email provider.
  3. To do this, while you are logged in to your event as an organiser, go to your dashboard.
  4. Click on Reporting > Attendees.
  5. After you select Attendees you will see a full list of everyone registered for the event. Above the list, on the right, click on Export. This will your export your attendee list as a .csv file.

Please note that if someone unsubscribes from your Event emails, they aren't automatically unsubscribed from any other email providers that you might have imported them into.