There are many reasons to experiment with a test event before launching your actual event:

  • You would like to test out HeySummit and see how everything works from an attendee's perspective.
  • You would like to practice setting up a virtual event before creating and putting special touches on your event. 
  • You would like to do a practice run of all talks with your Speakers but do not want to alert your attendees of any 'live sessions' or changes on your actual event. 

We highly recommend experimenting with a test event before your real event is scheduled to run. We want everything to run as smoothly as possible, and just like an in-person event, practice makes perfect. It helps to know how everything runs before the 'live show.' 

Quick Start

You have a quota of one test event as an Event Organiser by default - this is separate from your active event quota. Although a test event allows you access to all the event features at your plan level, it's slightly different from a normal event.

  • Only 10 attendees can be signed up for your test event. However, they won't be included in your overall attendee quota for your account. 
  • You cannot archive a test event.

To access your test event, head to My Account when signed in, then Events, then click on the event with the 'Test' label. From there, you can configure your settings on your test event and try out your setup.

Be careful not to schedule live sessions at the same time across your events using the same webinar or Livestream license, or this could cause problems. This is because most webinar licenses only allow one session to run at any given time.

Once you're happy with your test event's configuration, you can clone it to copy across your settings to your real event (if you have room in your event quota). Note that video settings (replays or live sessions), attendees, and custom domain will not be carried over to your clone event.