While on our Professional or Business Plan, or any plan purchased after 1st July 2021, you have seen the term 'evergreen summit' being thrown around. What makes this type of summit different from a non-evergreen summit?

Quick start

Evergreen and non-evergreen summits start exactly the same way- they both require you to enter a Start Date. If you make the event evergreen, you do not get an End Date. It's the perfect solution if you intend to run a long-term webinar or speaker series to drive your inbound marketing efforts. An evergreen summit is intended to stay open for registrations over the long-term. It also allows talks and content to be published periodically. Do note that the evergreen summit is different from an auto summit. An auto summit is a summit which simulates a typical start and end date that is auto-regenerating, replicating the 'live' nature, which HeySummit currently do not support. 

If it's a multiple-event summit with different start and end dates, then you would be better off creating multiple summits rather than one evergreen summit. It's not a choice you need to make right away- you can convert an event from non-evergreen to evergreen by using these steps:
  1. Under Event Setup > Settings, locate the Event Basics section. Click on Update.
  2. Toggle the 'Is this an Evergreen Summit?' and it should turn to color green if active.

Do note that for evergreen events, if you've set up a giveaway, you can't re-trigger it once a giveaway has been generated.

This means that once the date has passed and the giveaway awarded, the event level giveaway(s) will end and not be visible on your public summit site anymore. To set the date, head to Content > Offers and Giveaways > ... > Settings, then set the date/time set under the Winner for Event giveaways to be generated at? field.

For more information about evergreen summits, please click here.

Also, note that the 'You're in' and 'Event wrap-up' email templates will not be triggered for Evergreen events as there's no start or end date.