You are keen to see who watched and engaged with your sessions. You can do just that for Pre-recorded, Vimeo Live, YouTube Live, and Replay content you have set up in HeySummit. We do not track who has watched sessions set up with a Native webinar integration or Custom URL, that takes them to the respective platform to watch the session. You can look to your webinar or livestream provider for information.  
Our HeySummit report will show: talk title; attendee email address; whether they attended the session when it went live for the first time; whether they viewed the replay and the date/time they did so; and whether or not they upvoted.

Quick start

  1. Head to Reporting > Talk Reports.
  2. Click on the Export button
  3. If you only want to export some of your sessions, sessions within a certain date range, or sessions from a certain category, you can do so using the filter tool:

  4. If you want to export all of your webinar reports, you can simply select "Export" without making any other selections to the form.

  5. You'll then be sent an email with the subject line "Your export request was processed!" when we have finished processing it. You can click the link included there to download the csv file.

The CSV file will look something like this:

There will be 1 line per attendee in each session. For instance, if you have 2 sessions with 50 attendees in each, you'd have 100 lines in your csv.

Let's break down what the last 4 columns mean:

3 = Attended webinar: If you used one of our integrated partners (Zoom, BigMarker, LiveWebinar, GoToWebinar, Remo), you will see the message "see webinar provider". This is because the attendance stats for your live session will be found in the provider app.

 Likewise, if you use a custom stream with a link that takes your attendee off site, we will be unable to give attendance stats.

If however you use a pre-recorded video or embedded livestream, you will see "TRUE" or "FALSE" in this column. True if they attended the session, false if they did not.

4 = Viewed Replay: TRUE if they watched the replay, FALSE if they did not.

5 = Viewed_replay_at: If an attendee viewed the replay, this will let you know the date and time that they watched. Please note that we only track the first instance. If they watch a replay multiple times, the date will reflect the first time they watched it. 

6 = Upvote: This refers to our voting feature and will let you know if they upvoted that session. You will see TRUE if they upvoted the session, FALSE if they did not.