You updated your promo images under Event Setup > Content > Branding & Content > Primary Promo Image or Speaker/Talk Promo Image and the new image is showing under Promoting > Assets, but when your event link is shared on social media, the old promo image is still showing. 

Quick Fix

If a link to your event has been shared on social media before, the social media platform could still be caching the old version of the image even after you update it on HeySummit.

You can preview what image is currently being shared alongside your event links with the resources below:




Unfortunately, HeySummit can't speed the updating process along, as these platforms are external to us and we don't have control over how long their cache takes to update. 

The usual fix here is time and patience. It can take up to 48 hours for social media platforms to update their caches with your new promo image. If it's been longer, consider reaching out to the social media platform. 

Top tip: We recommend setting up any custom promo images you want to use before promoting your event online.