You've enabled your live chat following these steps. Now you want to know how to moderate what people say in this area. Remember only Attendees with a ticket to that session can access and message using this feature.

Quick start

  1. Make sure you're logged in as an Event Organizer, Speaker, Host or Team Member and head to the live session page via Content > Talks > ... > Preview Public Page > View Post. You can access the page as a Speaker through your Speaker Dashboard.
  2. To moderate a user, click a message that someone has sent, click on the three dots (...) next to one of their messages.
  3. To delete a message, then click on Remove message > Remove.
  4. To ban an attendee from using the chat further for that one session, click on the three dots (...) next to one of their messages and then on Ban this user. After that, give a reason for this ban (note, they'll be able to view this reason) and click Ban.
  5. To ban an attendee from using the chat for any others sessions on your event (including ones yet to be scheduled), follow the instructions from above but also check the Ban user in all talks option. 
  6. When banning a user, you'll have the option to also automatically delete all their previous messages.

This is what an attendee would see once they're banned from the live chat, with an example reason included (note, they can still view the session video):

If you want to un-ban an attendee from the live chat, get in touch with the Customer Happiness Team (