You want to extend your reach and generate new sales. Setting up an affiliate programme is a fantastic way to do so.

Quick start

More of a visual learner? Check out our video:

  1. As an event organizer, view your Event Dashboard
  2. On the left-hand menu navigate to Revenue > Affiliates
  3. Tap Update on the Settings box
  4. Add the commission percentage in the pop-up box and make sure you have activated the affiliate program by ticking the Active box
  5. Hover over the 'i' button for information on a given field
  6. If you tick the box 'Show signup link to the public', your affiliate scheme will be opened to the public. This way, anyone could be part of your affiliate program without necessarily having to be a speaker at your summit.
Before you go, don't forget to...
Check your affiliate set up by previewing the affiliate signup form, which you can use to share with your affiliates. When someone signs up as an affiliate, they will be given access to their own affiliate dashboard where they will be able to track signups and revenue for their referrals.
HeySummit does not pay your affiliates. HeySummit makes payouts to the event organizer (you) on the first business day of each month along with an affiliate report. You can use this report to pay affiliates in your chosen manner. Remember to give yourself some buffer time and perhaps tell your affiliates you'll pay them on the 15th of the month.