You've taken a look at our handy email templates and maybe customized them. Now you want to check out what they'll look like when your Attendees and Speakers receive them. There are two ways of doing so. 

Quick start

Option 1: Send a test email.

  1. Head to Emails.

  2. Click on the three dots (...) next to an email record and then click Send Test Email.
  3. This will send a test email to the email address that your Event Organizer account is under. This is the only email address this will be sent to. It can't be sent to Team Members instead. The only way to change this is to change the Event Organizer email (My Account > Profile).

  4. When you receive the email, the links inside will be placeholder links and non-functional, e.g., This is because a personal identifier would be appended to each link, e.g., When these personalized links are clicked, the user is automatically logged in as themselves on the event. 

Option 2: Sign up as an Attendee.

  1. If you want to check out what a real Attendee email looks like with these links filled in, you could sign up as one. Head through registration for your event and get yourself a free ticket, or set up a coupon to get a paid ticket for free.

  2. Once you've completed purchase, you'll be sent any Attendee emails that you have Active at their scheduled times, if you meet the dependencies. Check out when your event emails are sent and their dependencies.

  3. When you receive these emails, unlike test emails, the links will be functional as you will have an attendee record and ID to complete them. 

You could also add yourself as a Speaker to see what these emails would look like but do bare in mind that your Speaker record would be visible on the public event site. A great idea could be to clone your real event to test things like this away from the public eye.