You want your attendees and speakers to have a chat about your amazing content while watching it on the HeySummit session page. You can do just that if you're on the Business/Success or Professional/Growth plan. This option is great for sessions where the video content will be embedded in the HeySummit session page, i.e. Pre-recorded content, YouTube Live or Vimeo Live, replays

Quick start

  1. Navigate to Content> Talks and click on the dotted menu next to the session for which you'd like to turn on the chat.
  2. Make sure the Enable HeySummit Chat feature? checkbox is filled and click Save


Once the feature is turned on, you can test it on the 'Preview Public Page'

The live chat won't appear until the session starts at its scheduled time and the talk page updates.

But what will this look like for our users on the session page? Here's a sneak peek:

This chat section will remain after the page goes into replay mode. However, you can disable it any time you like by heading back to Content > Talks > ... > Advanced Settings and unchecking Enable chats.

Note that if comments are enabled for your event, they will appear on the session page too, below the embedded video, while the live chat is at the right of the video (if you have it enabled).

Only users logged in as attendees (with a ticket to the session), speakers of that session, or the event organizer will be able to view this live chat. The messages in the live chat section currently can't be threaded.

Banned users are also labeled if you haven't chosen to delete all their previous messages. We've got a help doc on how to moderate the live chat feature if you're interested in learning more.

Looking to use an alternative to our comments or live chat feature? Check out our doc on setting up and testing a custom comments system if you're on the Business/Success plan.

Why is the live chat labeled as Beta?

We recently released our native live chat and we're transitioning from the old chat to our new version.

I don't see the live chat option under Event Basics?

You don't have to turn on the live chat from your Event Basics anymore. If you still see this option, you're using our old version. You can disable the chat when possible to switch to our newest version under each talk's advanced settings.

What will happen to my transcripts if I switch to the new version?

You can export your live chats before switching to our new live chat version under 'Webinar reports.'