Assets are banners that speakers could use to promote their talk/your event. Swipe copies are texts that you can make available to speakers so they can share information on various social media platforms about your event. So naturally, you want to customize these and truly make them the best reflection of your event. You've come to the right place!

Quick start

  1. Upload banners that you have created yourself within Assets. To do this, head to your event dashboard, and go to Promoting > Assets > Add Asset. Many event organisers who want more granular details of the promotional materials go for this route, as you have complete control over what goes in within the graphic. Do note that all assets uploaded would be visible to all speakers as you can't currently limit an asset for one speaker.

  2. Similarly, update your own swipe copies by heading to Promoting > Swipe Copies. You can upload email and social media copy right here.


These assets will be available for Speakers to download via their dashboard.