Having ran a successful summit, you would like to find a way to keep your content out there and available to more people. With HeySummit, you can do that by creating an Evergreen Summit.

Quick start

Within a HeySummit, you can choose to organise a one-off event; a one-day event; or a multi-day event.

Once your summit ends, you can opt to turn it into an evergreen event, and essentially turn it into a copy repository.

A lot of event organisers offer lower-priced (or free) tickets for those who attend the summit live, and then switch it to a higher-priced ticket for replays once it's off the air. Ticket options are all up to you - you can choose to structure and set them up however you like - maybe a cheaper option for limited access and a pricier one for lifetime access to all replays.

The best way to test this is to set up your 14-day free trial and run your first test event.