Airmeet is a great tool to host interactive sessions with your attendees. You can use our Direct Link integration, and use this platform to host your sessions.

Quick Start

  1. You have to create your session within your Airmeet account.
  2. Once the session has been created, copy the event link:

3. Copy the URL under our Custom Stream option and Select Custom URL:

4. Click on Save, and you're all set!


Things to note when using our Direct Link integration
  • Check the attendee flow

Your attendees will not be auto-registered for your session. This means your webinar provider might ask them for registration before joining the session. Check your session's settings if you'd like to turn this off.

  • Share the link with your Speakers

Before the session starts, make sure you send the link to your Speakers. As some webinar providers don't have Speakers, these emails don't get sent out automatically from HeySummit. 

  • Check-in early!
If you'd like a quick mic and camera check before the session starts, make sure you and your Speakers join before the session starts.