You're thinking of using Zoom Meetings - maybe you want to use breakout rooms or one of the other great features available on the Meetings platform. While HeySummit has native integration with Zoom Webinar, the setup for Zoom Meetings is slightly different. You can also use our native integration with Zoom Webinar if you'd like.

Quick Start:

To get started with Zoom Meetings, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your Talks.
  2. Click on the ... next to the talk you'd like to edit and select Manage Talks.
  3. Select the Custom Stream option and enter your meeting URL under Custom URL. Unlike our Zoom Webinar integration, for Zoom Meetings, you will have to manually create the matching session in Zoom to create this URL. 


Things to note when you're using Zoom Meetings:

  • Check the attendee flow

Since you aren't using our native integration with Zoom Webinar, your attendees will not be auto-registered for your meeting. This means Zoom will ask them for registration before joining the session. This can be edited under your meeting settings if you don't want to record registrants.

  • Share the link with your speakers

Before the meeting starts, make sure you send the meeting link to your Speakers. As Zoom Meetings don't have Panelists, these emails don't get sent out automatically from HeySummit.

  • Check-in early!

If you'd like a quick mic and camera check before the session starts, make sure you and your Speakers join before the meeting starts. Once the talk goes live, your attendees will automatically join the session.

Note that attendee emails (e.g. Daily Digest, schedule, reminder and replay emails) never include the exposed links to webinars or live streams for privacy reasons. The emails will only include the link to the HeySummit talk page where they will be redirected to the appropriate platform after clicking the "Watch now" button found there (if logged in with the correct ticket). 

The only time your live sessions are embedded into the HeySummit page is when you're using our Pre-recorded option or our Custom Stream option with one of our supported live streaming providers, Vimeo or Youtube.