HeySummit has native integrations with some of the most popular webinar providers out there. To manage your webinar connections navigate to Event Setup> Webinar Providers.

What does native integration mean?

It basically means the platforms communicate with each other, and it creates a seamless experience for your attendees when joining your sessions. This means they don't have to register again when joining since they already did on HeySummit. 

When you link your webinar provider to your talk, we'll create the webinar for you at the time you've scheduled it on HeySummit. This also includes any updates you'd like to make after the webinar has been created. Simply update the talk's information from HeySummit, and we'll also update this on your webinar account.

Here's the list of webinar providers we have a native integration with. Visit our article on how to connect your webinar provider to get started.

Here are some helpful docs for connecting your webinar account.